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Interior Plantscape

Interior Plantscaping

Indoor plants have become a vital part of the modern work environment. Studies have shown that interior plants are great for your health:  they significantly improve air quality, have natural sound diffusion, reduce stress levels and boost your mood — making them perfect for not just your home but your work space too!    In addition, in an office setting we are adept at creating a plan that enhances privacy and allows for traffic management.   Whether it’s residential or commercial, plantscape design is best customized to your unique vision and environment.  At Green Designs we have the experience and expertise to help make your vision a reality.


*Green Designs in Collaboration with AgroSci

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Guaranteed Maintenance

Green Designs has the best guarantee in the business: We will maintain your plantscape design elements so they always look as fresh and healthy as the day they were installed. Any plant that fails to thrive will be replaced at no cost to you as per our service agreement.

Green Designs services include: Regular Watering, Pruning and Trimming, Cleaning, & Fertilizing.


Uniformed Green Designs technicians will always register their visit with you and supervisors will visit your account periodically to review the general appearance and health of your plants, and to discuss your satisfaction with our service.

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