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We custom design, install, and maintain indoor and outdoor plantscapes throughout New England and all regions of the United States. Founder and President David Truglio brings over 30 years of experience in the plantscape industry to assist you in creating the optimal design for your home or business.

Green Designs has access to an extensive array of live plants, artificial elements, and myriad of decorative container options in styles ranging from classic to contemporary and everything in-between. We have participated in many local and national education programs which enables our staff to offer the highest quality services and cutting edge designs. We attribute our steady growth to quality service, quality materials, and the ability to make your vision become a reality.

We were recently featured in a Hartford Business Article:

In 1982, 23-year-old David Truglio knew he wanted to own his own business, and observed that architects and designers of malls, airports and atriums seemed to include lots of indoor plants.

So the Connecticut resident, who had just graduated from Boston University with a business-management degree, flew to Florida, and drove back with a U-Haul truck full of potted plants he purchased at a few nurseries and planned to sell them as part of a new business venture called EverGrow.


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It was a modest start, as he set up shop as a street vendor in downtown Hartford.

Fast forward about four decades, and Truglio is putting the finishing touches on a massive project at the Hard Rock Casino in Florida that includes the largest green wall — or plant wall — in the U.S.

Truglio credits one of his early major projects, the 1 Hotel Central Park in Manhattan, for grabbing the attention of designers and architects wanting to enlist their services. A three-story tall exterior beam at the corner of the hotel property is covered with English ivy, and windows are surrounded by green leaves, creating a sort of urban architecture meets leafy forest meld.

“It’s kind of known now as ‘the ivy building,’ and not necessarily as 1 Hotel,” Truglio said, adding that clients often point to that property when he asks what they’re looking for.

Other high-profile projects include the 1,000-plant design at Mohegan Sun — they change the flowers based on the season — and the Hard Rock Casino in Florida, a nearly 25,000-plant design.

judging by the tendency toward environmentalism among Millennials and Generation Z, along with a solid decade of architects and designers incorporating plants in apartment buildings, office suites and other spaces, the partners say they see nothing but growth on the horizon.

“It just has this effect psychologically,”  Truglio said of designs that include plants. “They give people more of an experience in a location rather than feeling like they’re just passing through a space.”