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Maintenance & Rotations

At Green Designs, we have a team of horticultural technicians that will continuously service your plantscape design elements. For exterior elements, we apply a seasonal rotational program and for interior elements we offer a guaranteed maintenance program. 

Interior Guarantees

Green Designs has the best guarantee in the business: We will maintain your plantscape design elements so they always look as fresh and healthy as the day they were installed. Any plant that fails to thrive will be replaced at no cost to you as per our service agreement.


Green Designs services include:

Regular Watering  – Trained horticultural technicians will monitor plants to determine the amount and frequency of watering needed based on your specific plant varieties and environmental conditions. We strive to monitor all plants for signs of good health, and will promptly attend to any ailments we identify.

Pruning and Trimming – Plants that outgrow their optimal design height and shape will be pruned and trimmed as needed.

Cleaning – Your horticultural technician will dust and shine plants to ensure their continued health and beauty.

Fertilizing – Your horticultural technician will fertilize plants as needed to keep them green and growing.

Quality Assurance –  Uniformed Green Designs technicians will always register their visit with you and supervisors will visit your account periodically to review the general appearance and health of your plants, and to discuss your satisfaction with our service.

Plant Replacements – We guarantee our maintenance service.  Period – no questions asked.

Exterior Rotations

Screen Shot 2022-07-16 at 11.31.57 AM.png

Spring Rotation

Cool evenings (sometime frosts) and warmer days are great for bulb plants, curly willow, forsythia, and many early spring annuals and grasses

Transform your walkway, entryway, or grounds with an array of exterior seasonal plantings. Designed and installed by Green Designs, each container is planted with seasonally appropriate and colorful flowering plants, which are changed 4 times annually as part of the rotation program.  Our seasonal rotations are designed to bloom from early spring until winter. The variety provides you a striking and beautiful view all year round and can be any combination of planting beds and/or decorative planters.

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